Thursday, January 14, 2010

wow i'm behind......

ok, so i've been just a wee bit busy lately and have totally fallen off the blogging wagon aghhhh!!!

first things first, the menu from monday, while i DID have it all planned out, i totally neglected to post it since i was wrapped up in connor's 6 month post.

monday: arugala, carmelized onion and goat cheese pizza (you can find this on's really an appetizer but i added some peppered salami and it was really good!) and baked parmesean squash

tuesday: i ended up going out (more to come on this) so the boys got stuck with frozen amy's meals which are REALLY good and organic!

wednesday: mom of the year here hits once again and we ended up doing frozen pizza and salads because i'm just WAY BEHIND

thursday: italian baked chicken and pastina (another recipe), this will be a first try for me, but i'm hoping little man will actually like it!

friday: chicken tenders (homemade)

saturday: leftovers or possibly spaghettin and meatballs

now to catch you up on what we've been up to..........


just like most days, we began the day with several outfit changes....usually it's because SOMEONE has decided to play with the soap in the sink and the shirt becomes "too wet" to wear anymore, but on tuesday, it was "too cold". yes this super cute top has metal buttons and they felt "too cold" against parker's skin. so here he is all proud of himself for unbuttoning his shirt.....

and then he came over to me and yelled his new word he made up "gella!!!" (spoken like TA-DA!!!!) to show me his work. i was thoroughly excited because at least i got to take a picture of him! but then of course i ran around like a made woman trying to get everyone ready so we could make it to preschool on time.

after preschool we can home to this mess, nothing really new since it's been there since christmas. parker being all boy likes the demolition aspect of his new toys so we live in a house filled with little toy pieces EVERYWHERE.  at least he appears to be reassembling the thomas train set....

and then toys mysteriously disappear for 3 weeks, sometimes i'm not ALL THAT upset, like when we lost "james" the other week--"james" is great when he's on the train tracks doing his thing, but when he's left on for hours on end flipped over, the constant LOUD humm he provides in the background, not so fun. so when parker told me to "watch this" as he ran over to the subwoofer sitting on the floor in our family room, in went his little hand into the hole and out came our beloved "james". GELLA!!!!!

after nap time, we budled up and headed outside to enjoy a few minutes of relatively warmer weather:

seriously????? ALL of my boys (hubs included) have eyelashes like this, me not so much. SO. NOT. FAIR.

yep, that's my two year old actually smiling for my camera!

and then possibly the HIGHLIGHT of my entire week, girls night out with my new friends from our mommy and me group. we had a BLAST and i really lived it up staying up until 10:30. pathetic i know.

wednesday's recap will be later today/tonight. don't want to make this post too long for ya!