Thursday, January 14, 2010

wednesday recap....still catching up on blogging

since i'm doing multiple posts today to catch up from earlier in the week, be sure to scroll down and see all of the new posts!

yesterday we had a fun morning at our friends house. allie is one of my best friends and she has two adorable little girls kate and ellie reese close in age to my two boys. yesterday we discussed arranged marriages for the kids so we can stop just stop worrying if any boy/girl will ever be good enough for precious children!

allie and i don't get to catch up nearly enough anymore since there always seems be something coming up, usually someone's sick. so yesterday was great to finally get together!

allie was so sweet to make parker and kate pancakes (with no egg of course!)

kate (aka "pinky" with her pink cast) eating yummy pancakes! she is parker's best friend---they play so well together!

parker usually gets some sort of "accessory" when we visit their house :-)

ellie reese.....such a cutie

allie was also kind to let me use precious elle as a model for sassycakes new birthday outift:
isn't she just presh? sorry boys she is TAKEN!!!

the tutu was so full that she had to crawl like this HA!

notice how i don't have any pics of connor yet---yeah, well he spit up ALL OVER his cute outfit for the day so i had to change him into this onesie for the morning that he had outgrown...elle didn't seem to mind though :-)

she still thinks he's pretty cute.....

connor was a little nervous about what elle's dad would think......

but then miss allie said it was OK so they were both happy......

because they got to hold hands. but that is IT. nothing more until their wedding night HA!

thanks for having us over girls.....we had a great time!



wendy said...

Great pictures!!!