Tuesday, January 5, 2010

january bible verse, frigid temps and a mini success

first things first......this month's bible verse, a little delayed, but here it is, one of my faves!

"delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass....rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him" psalm 37:4-7.

second, this is NOT why i moved to charlotte:

ummmmm seriously???? and it's supposed to be in the 30s all week? WHAT??? this is too cold for this southern girl!

we spent the morning today at the doctor's office with brandon. he had to have a little "procedure" and praise God that everything was ok! while the "procedure" was taking place, i was in the waiting room with both munchkins trying to occupy them for two and a half hours. this is enough to make any mother nervous, but i always get anxious with parker because he's usually all over the place. seriously, since that boy found out he could roll over, i could never leave him alone for a second! if there's a baby proofing product on the market, we own it an use it HA! if you see some crazy lady running with a baby carrier in her arms calling after her toddler, i'm THAT mom!!! it's only been recently where parker will really play with toys and has really started following directions. that being said, i was an anxious mess this morning. BUT bless his little heart, parker did great! he sat and played with some "new to us" toys for a good 30-40 minutes, ate a snack and watched a movie. i was SO proud of him. on top of that, both boys went #2 and i had to nurse connor during the wait and we did it! it's the small things in life when you're a mother!

if you reference back to my post on goals, you'll see that one of my goals was "tackle it tuesdays" for blog posts, and while this was not quite the type of challenge in mind for these tuesday posts, i'll say that we tackled it!



Jeanette said...

Wow, can't get over that fountain and I can't get over this weather! Seriously, so cold and snow tomorrow? Boys are praying for snow and I myself could actually go for a snow day and not have to go anywhere! Sorry Brandon had to have a "procedure" but glad that Parker was such a big boy for you while you waited! Try waiting in a social security office off Ablemarle Rd. for almost 3 hours with a 2 year old and I did NOT bring any toys or snacks! Had no idea we'd be waiting that long! Very interesting place to say the least!

Jenna said...

That frozen fountain is so pretty! B had to have a procedure when he was about 7 months old too! LOVE that verse!