Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i'm SOOOOOOO not ready for this

yes, you are seeing this BABY has been getting up on all fours all day today and rocking back and forth. ok, we JUST started solids, we are NOT ready for crawling. i don't think i can handle it.

yes, you may have noticed that it IS allegedly "wordless wednesdays" and yes i DID post that one of my blogging goals was to do this every wednesday, but lets face it. i am not one who you would classify as "wordless" so let's be honest, "wordless wednesdays" are just NOT for me.

so while i'm sad over the fact that my baby will no longer be as much of a baby anymore, i am pleased with the fact that my 2 year old had THREE helpings of peas last night. he kept requesting more!

AND i'm proud of myself because today after i made a batch of pureed bananas for connor, i had this brilliant idea to make parker a "surprise" with the leftover pureed bananas. i took the pureed bananas and added some other frozen organic fruit and yogurt to my food processor and voila! a healthy smoothie incorporating lots of fuits and since i called it a surprise, parker was ALL ABOUT IT! i'll be honest, this was SLIGHTLY deceiving on my part since he thought he was getting some sort of sugary treat, but hey it worked and i felt like i should receive the mom of the hour award....that was until nap time hit and i found some special  STUFF all over parker's room. oh well, there's always tomorrow.........