Monday, November 23, 2009

thankful for.....spit up!

bless my little connor's heart. he's a spitter. and when i say spitter, i mean he and i are both constantly wet. today we had 5 outfit changes......BEFORE 11am!!!!! a typical day consists of 4-5 outfits, 6 burp cloths, and a load of laundry, just for my little sweetness.

but you know what, he's a happy spitter. in fact, laughing acutally causes him to spit up large amounts HA! and as long as he is happy and healthy, i cannot complain. i'm just thankful i have a baby with a reflux problem as i know there are many people out there who just wish they had a baby period and don't. so all in all, i'm thankful to be wearing "eau de spitup" all day long!

are you all ready for some yummy thanksgiving day treats??? i can't wait for the big day!