Tuesday, November 17, 2009

parker's 2 and a half!

dear parker,

today you are two and a half and FULL of life! oh how you make me laugh and melt my heart these days! you are one energetic little boy who has to explore everything, but you will also sit quietly and read books and watch Curious George or Sesame Street.

some of my favorite moments lateley have been......

butterfly kisses--i taught you how to do these and you love to grab my face and daddy's face each night before bed and give us butterfly and bunny kisses. each time you say "it tic-kles!" in the CUTEST little voice EVER!!!

dancing--you LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance. your alarm clock is set to radio and the other morning daddy went in to get you and you were dancing on your bed. you gave daddy "the hand" and wanted him to leave so you could keep on grooving :-) HILARIOUS!!! you are dancing all the time and you've got quite a few good moves that i have no idea who taught you them.

singing--you don't quite "sing" yet, but you start to say words to "old macdonald" when it plays on your keyboard....i'll hear you say "cow" "pig" and then go "e-i-e-i-o". it's really funny.

paparazi--you like to take pictures now and you say "smile" and "cheese!"

connor--you love to make connor smile and go with me upstairs to get him from his nap. you talk in this sweet little quiet voice when we go intohis room during nap time.

fun words--not sure if i mentioned this before, but you call screwdrivers, "screwboppers" and you refer to batteries as "bi-do-ins" (aka vitamins).

parker we love you SO MUCH and enjoy being with you each day!!!


my sweet little boy!

love that smile....melts my heart daily!!!

you've regressed a little bit at times :-) but that's ok, because you will always be my baby boy!

you got this thomas set one day for going #2 in the potty!



Jeanette said...

Happy half Birthday Parker! What an amazing 2 1/2 old you are!!!! I love that he likes to get his grove on! How cute!