Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween weekend

we had a great weekend. my parents came in to town to visit and celebrate halloween with us. i'm so excited because my dad surprised me with a new sony cybershot camera! i had been wanting a camera i could have in my diaper bag at all times and the rebel was just not cutting it, so the timing was perfect. thanks dad!

connor's now grabbing onto anything and everything. it's so fun because now he can "play" with some toys!

connor got a surprise package from his friends aiden and peyton. check out this cute little outfit! thanks kristin for being SO thoughtful!

isn't it cute? so glad we had another halloween outfit as connor spits up all the time and we definitely needed back up this halloween!

check out these two cuties....

since i am far from artistic, we don't carve pumpkins, we color them. here's p man coloring his....

the final products...can you tell which ones parker colored???

parker in his dragon outfit or as he says his "dinours" outfit

our neighborhood has a little parade every year for the kids, so off we went....

but conveniently right at 6, the clouds opened up and we ended up all just standing there in the pouring down rain with our umbrellas not sure what to do. finally we caved and headed to the car. parker alomst had a meltdown!

so we left the attempted parade and drove to several of our friends houses to "trick or treat"

here's parker with his friend juliet:

and i made a HUGE mistake to wait until the end to take a picture of both boys together. as you can see it didn't turn out so hot (and notice parker's left eye, yep he busted it earlier in the day when he fell into the chair. wouldn't be a special occasion without him getting some sort of injury to the face!). seriously this is an awful pic but it's all i got!

and we got a surprise visit from auntie glenda dressed up as a poodle. so much fun! not sure she'd want me to post a pic, but her outfit was the best!