Saturday, October 31, 2009

week in review

so i've already slacked off on blogging i know! i'm a work in progress what can i say.....

some random pics from the week:

connor has mastered thumb sucking--positive is he sucks his thumb and goes back to sleep; negative is i'm NOT looking forward to breaking this habit. the paci was easy, you just start cutting it off. can't really do that with an appendage :-)

parker is a dancing machine. ladies he's got some great moves!

we had our friends the cramers over monday night for burritos. this is kate, parker's girlfriend and if everything goes as planned, they will get married in 20 some years:

and this is her little sister elle 9with mom allie), elle is a perfect older woman for connor :-)

brandon and chris with the tiniest tinys...

connor lovin' his toes....

as a food allergy mama i get to make the baked goods for class parties. these were egg-free cookies for parker's "orange" party

i LOVE my relatively new vera bag. i switched to this for my fall diaper bag and la-huv it!