Sunday, October 11, 2009

connor is 3 months!

my sweet little baby you are 3 months old! definitely no pretending you are a newborn anymore :-( this past month has been loads of fun with lots of new discoveries! you've got great head control now and can turn your head easily to see what's going on. you also got to try out your bumbo seat just last week and you LOVE it. you love to watch parker play and see what he's up to. your smiles are contagious and your giggles are hilarious. you're still tyring to find your voice so sometimes when you giggle it's really quiet and then all of the sudden this loud noise escapes surprising's hilarious. you've also started with a "boo boo lip" when you get sad or upset. i haven't been able to catch that on camera yet. you love to grab things, mainly my shirt and fingers when you're eating, but the other day you discovered your toes!

overall you are a happy baby, although you insist on protesting every nap now. you cannot go to sleep with out a good 5-10  minute cry these days. i used to try and rock you, but you still cried, so i've found it best to just put you down in your crib and let you get it all out! as much as you love your thumb, you haven't figured out how to use it instead of crying to calm you down before naps. you've gotten pretty good at finding your thumb and strategically placing it in your mouth, whereas last month you just couldn't seem to keep it in there. you are also back to spitting up a lot again. we go through quite a few outfit changes every day...luckily you are a "happy spitter", in fact you often spit up because you are laughing!

this past week you've started going to bed around 7:15pm like your brother which mommy LOVES!!! you still eat 6 times a day, but i have a feeling you'll be dropping one of those feedings soon. your day time naps are all over the place as with parker in preschool we are always on the go and luckily you happily come along THANK GOODNESS! you still love your big brother and whenever he's around he instantly brings a smile to your face. you love it when mommy reads to you and sings you songs and you also like to watch tv with daddy which mommy is not happy about :-) this morning i caught you intently watching ESPN!

connor you are so much fun to spend each day with, although between you and your brother i am worn out these days. but it is so worth every minute i get to spend with you! love you!!!

your milestone bear pic at 3 months.....

you've figured out how to use your legs to bring the ball to your hands so you can grab it!

working hard at that thumb!

you LOVE bathtime!

trying out your bumbo seat....