Saturday, October 17, 2009

29 months of parker!

my sweet baby boy is 29 months today!

dear parker,

you fill every day with lots of excitment (and exhaustion!) is never a dull moment at our house. the other day you decided you wanted to start the day at 1:45am! you got out of bed, turned your light on, turned the fan off (just like every morning) and were ready to go! you see each day filled with so many exciting adventures that you just love to get up early and by early i mean 4:55am on most days! here are some highlights of what you are up to these days:

~you LOVE preschool! you go three mornings a week and you just love it. the ride to school is always fun as you point out the boats, the waterfall and we get to your school you yell "school....i found it!"

~you LOVE your little brother. you are always concerned about him and you bring him toys to play with. today you were all excited because you were holding connor's hand...too cute!

~you are a dancing machine. you have this keyboard that plays beats and you dance and clap to it really've got great rhythm. a few weeks ago daddy got out his guitar and you were dancing around our bedroom.

~you are quite mr. independent. it's your way or no way. no clue where you got that from :-) for instance, you HAVE TO take off your own shoes and put them on the shelf. the other day you had a fit because i put your shoes on the shelf so you went and took them off the shelf, put them back on the steps in the garage where they were and then put them back on the shelf. seriously????

~potty training is still a challenge with #2. however i did have you motivated for a few days with this brightly colored, icing sprinkle cookies i found. for those few days i could not get you OUT of the bathroom. you literally spent all day in there with your magazine! unfortunately, those cookies lost their luster and are no longer motivating. day you will be potty trained!!!!!

~i can't believe how much stuff you are learning. you pick up on things really well and i'm constantly amazed about the things you know. for instance, you know that fast and quick mean the same thing. you know that big and small are opposites and you know that big items are heavy. when we get packages inthe mail, you know you need to use scissors to open it. you are starting to learn your ABCs and love to point out the old favorite Letter E (not sure why this is such a fave maybe because "E is for Elmo"???) and "P is for Parker". you even call your pirate book your "P is for Parker" book because it has a "P" on it. you are also counting a lot these days but you like to skip #2 for some reason. you know #2, you just forget it when you count. colors are still a challenge for you but you're doing well with shapes--circles and triangles!

~this month you learned what pumpkins are and you love to point them out. you and i made pumpkin bread one day (egg free of course) and you LOVED IT. you had to have pumpkin bread every morning!

~funny words you are saying these like to add "g" to a lot of words :: "umgella" (umbrella), "guffins" (muffins) just to name two. you call the panthers either "golphins" (dolphins) or "panchers". you call batteries "bidamins" (vitamins). you say "screwbopper" for screwdriver.....and our favorite, you call grandpa "hee-haw"!!! that one totally cracks us up. you can say "gramps" but for some reason the extra syllable throws you off!

~you are my little helper! you like to clean up (thank you Lord!) and you will go get me diapers and burp cloths when i need them for connor.
parker, you bring us so much joy to each and every day. you keep us on our toes, but we love you more and more each day!