Thursday, August 20, 2009

p talk and the oh so fun terrible two's!

my sweet little boy has become quite the talker lately. he's saying more and more sentences each day and it's completely amazing at how he just picks up different language skills and concepts without being directly taught......namely the concept of "mine" :-) we have such a blast hearing parker point out different objects with such excitement (motorcycles and airplanes are the latest faves) and it's too cute the way he pronounces certain words. here are a few in his language which i call "p talk":

parcher--he started calling himself this for some reason at times and while we think it's hysterical, we try to avoid the urge to call him this ourselves as we're afraid it will stick!


pack pack--back pack


ont that--want that

luv lou--love you

my quack--my duck (he knows duck but likes to call them quacks!)

oohce cream--ice cream

that's just a few i can think of and here are a few favorite phrases right now:

"i do it"--totally mr. independent!

"i broke it"--every morning when we walk past the blinds at the top of the stairs, he tells us "i broke it" as he points to the broken blind. and yes, he did break it!

"big hug"--possibly my favorite as he gives GREAT big yummy hugs that melt my heart everytime!

and some of his cute "antics" as i'll call them:

opening his yogurt shake--this a an obsession of his, yogurt shakes. he has to have one almost every morning and EVERY morning this is our ritual.....he says "shake shake" so i go to the fridge to get one out and he informs me "i do it" (meaning HE has to open and shut the fridge door). i then have to give him the shake to "shake" and even though he knows he can't open it, he attempts first to twist the cap off with his hand and makes this grunting noise and then proceeds to put the bottle under his shirt to use his shirt to get a better grip and tries to twist it open, still making the grunting noise. then he hands it to me and says "help" so i open it and then it's back to "i do it" so i quickly give him back the shake. he then takes his straw and punches a hole in the foil. same procedure EVERY TIME.

imitating connor--the other day connor was crying and crying and parker was in his room supposed to be going down for his nap. sometimes after we put him down, he gets out of bed and lays by the door to his room (which is shut of course). this particular day, he decideds to imitate connor's cries to get our attention. i mean if it works for connor it must work for parker as well, right? parker's imitiation cries were hysterical and brandon and i could not stop laughing.

"the hand"--so parker's also decided to not hold back and clearly let us know what he likes and dislikes, wants and does not want. i mean, it's parker's world and everything revolves around parker, right? so as i'm driving the other day, probably to target since we go almost every day now, we're jammin' to "toddler dance favorites" in the minivan and since i've heard every song a million times, i started singing along and happen to look back at parker at the same time. next thing i know, he gives me "the hand" and starts saying "no, no mommy". guess he didn't like my version of toddler dance faves :-)

that's all for now--i can't believe i've had this much quiet time today to write to blog posts! i'm sure i'll be paying for it tonight though!



kbe410 said...

I love the way you write - it makes me feel like I am having a conversation with you. Sounds like Parker is too cute! I miss you so much...hope you are doing well! Love ya bunches.