Thursday, August 20, 2009


many of you have asked how parker is doing with "everything". first and foremost, parker LAHUUUUVs his baby brother. it is so neat to see parker interacting with connor and it really shows his sweet, sensitive side that i hope he never outgrows. ladies, he will definitely make a great husband one day! whenever connor cries, parker stops what he is doing and immediately runs to get a paci and gives it to connor. he will also share his toys with connor by putting them directly on his belly. it is way too stinkin' cute to describe and i totally should have taken a picture, but the other day connor must have had twenty toys on/around him in the pac n play! connor too definitely loves his big bro. he always seems to be so content when parker is around and stares at him intently watching his every move. i admit i was nervous to find out i was having another boy at first, but now as i see parker and connor together, i can tell they are going to be the best of buds and i love it!