Wednesday, February 3, 2010

simple pleasures

i decided to join in kelly’s “simple pleasures” link up for today!

here are some of my simple pleasures….

~seeing my boys play together

~when my husband comes over and gives me a back rub for no reason

~yummy smelling candles burning

~wearing jammies, curled up with a blanket, coffee with whipped cream and a good book

~fresh clean sheets, even better if they are still warm

~starting my morning with a run outside when spring is here and the weather is perfect

~a good heart to heart talk with a special friend about REAL life

~good music that inspires you

~butterfly and bunny kisses from my two year old

~contagious giggles from my 6 month old

~friday night movie night with the fam

and there are a TON more, these are just what came to mind first! what are some of yours?



Jeanette said...

Great ideas! Love the simple pleasures! Thanks for reminding me to stop and smell the roses! ;)