Monday, February 1, 2010

chocolate chip scones and meal plan monday


since it was like 18 degrees here this morning, the roads were icy and school was cancelled. so parker and i had a fun time hangin’ out while connor napped this morning. we cut out dinosaurs, colored them and also made chocolate chip scones:

IMG_9030_edited-1 IMG_9020_edited-1 IMG_9022_edited-1 IMG_9026_edited-1

in case you are wondering why parker has no shirt on, it’s because he’s in the phase where if his shirt gets even just a DROP of water on it, it’s “too wet” and he takes it off! wish he had that same feeling about diapers!

here’s our dinner meal plan for the week:


tuesday—salmon and zuchini (yes this is from last week, we ordered out several nights since brandon’s mom was in town.

wednesday—sloppy joes, with sneaky sweet potatoes! and sweet potato french fries


friday—taco soup with tortilla strips

saturday—leftover taco soup—we love it SO MUCH!!!


Jeanette said...

oooh, the scones look yummy!!!!!