Friday, January 29, 2010

a whole lot of randomess and “show us your life friday”


well after yesterday’s debacle, i’ve got some catching up to do….

1) i plan to do a make up the photog tip this weekend since i missed it this thursday. if you want to know why, click HERE. i’m pretty confident that the explanation is clear and you will extend me a little bit of grace :-)

2) in case you are wondering, today it took 1 time, that is IT! (you need to read the above-referenced post to understand).

3) i love my kids SO MUCH! i think connor may be coming down with an ear infection and i’m sure it will be become unbearable TOMORROW when our roads are completely iced over and we’ll have to hit the ER since NOTHING will be open—gotta love the mommy drama! anywho, as i was saying, connor has been a bit fussy and he’s pretty much NEVER fussy (dream baby i know!) but tonight when i was nursing him to put him to bed, he could NOT stop laughing! he was laughing hysterically for like 10 minutes—I almost didn’t put him to bed but then i remembered that he barely napped at all today (again, quite uncommon).


AND, i think parker actually feels bad about yesterday’s episode (again, see yesterday’s post). tonight i told him that i couldn’t bend over because my back hurt me and then i proceeded to mumble that it was because i had to put him back into bed 168 times yesterday. he didn’t say anything, but a little while later he came to me and said, “mommy your back hurt?” and i said “yes”. and then he started rubbing my back!!!!! and he asked if it was “all better”! OMGOODNESSSSSSS!!!! seriously, i may have the most strong-willed child in the world, but he is also the most sweetest, caring and loving little boy.  it makes yesterday totally worth it!

4) i love this windows live writer program for blogging. the download is free so be sure to check it out if you are a blogger.

5) i’m so excited i’ve got music on my blog! i love these songs and i hope you enjoy them too! who ever knew that i would ever like christian music so much!

6) does anyone know how to clean an oven safely? i have a self cleaning oven, but i’m afraid to be breathing in the toxic fumes for 5 hours. you can see it’s been a while….


7) we are supposed to get snow and /or ice tonight. i’m HOPING/PRAYING it’s snow! having no electricity with two little ones is beyond challenging. it makes me ever so thankful for what we have on a daily basis and also to pray for those who don’t even have WATER in haiti, let alone electricity! in these moments i realize just how blessed i am.

8) show us your life friday. i’ve been trying to keep up with kelly from kelly’s corner with these each friday. today is about FASHION TIPS. unfortunately, i have fallen into the mommy trap and don’t really consider myself very fashionable anymore. i think i’m WAY behind the latest trends and probably won’t ever catch up ha!

one thing i do know is that investing it a good pair of jeans can make any post-baby figure look great! i don’t know what it is, but somehow high-quality jeans are able to give that lift where you need it most!

have a great weekend!


Jeanette said...

glad nap time went better AND I'm happy you like Windows Live Writer! Doesn't it make blogging so much easier?