Sunday, January 10, 2010

weekend in review

we had a great family weekend! saturday morning, parker and i had a date at the jumpE place. we ended up getting there before it opened, so we decided to get his hair cut first.

and for being so good, he got a lollipop (organic of course!)

parker LOVED the jumpE place and was totally in his element. lots to jump and climb on.....a place he can be ALL BOY rather safely. that munchkin wore me out as his new thing to say is "c'mon mommy, c'mon!". so over and over and over and over i climbed up the big bouncy steps, akwardly climbed through the small doorways (clearly not meant for people who are 5'10") and went down the big bouncy slide. it WAS fun.....the first few times :-) but after doing this repeatedly for 45 minutes, today i am a little bit sore. BUT it was totally worth it to have some alone time with one of my most favorite boys! (sorry for the not so great pics, but all i had was my point and shoot and of course it died!)

i'm trying to think what we did the rest of the day, mostly worked on this pillow case dress for sassycakes:

did some housework (i've been TOTALLY procrastinating on this lately!) and hung out with hubbin' and the kiddos.

we did decide to live on the edge and try out saturday night church this week. with connor not being as portable during naps anymore, i think this might work best for us for the time being. it's at the main location, but i like being surounded by so many people--our church is REALLY big, like 3000 members or somehting.

then we watched football after the kiddos went down, or mostly b watched football and i read blogs on the couch next to him ha! we are in a little "competition" so i'll have to keep you posted!

today was errand and lowes food AND i hit up the gym! i ran/walked 1.5 miles, a really far cry from my marathoning days BUT i'll take it!

i also went a little crazy with the camera today and took 350 pictures of connor. cute outfit + good lighting + happy munchkin = great shots! now i just need to find time to edit all of them! i also made my very first batch of homemade baby food for connor's big day tomorrow! stay tuned for all of these pics........

how was your weekend?