Wednesday, November 4, 2009

special moments

these past few days i've had some great "special moments" with the boys where my heart just melted to the know, those times you just hope and pray you remember every single detail and feeling forever and ever and ever....

today is a very special year ago i found out i was pregnant with connor. after a year long fertility journey and a miscarriage, i was overjoyed to find out i was pregnant again! i was starting to lose hope that i would be able to have another child, and then losing a child at 5 weeks was beyond devastating. but God had good plans for me! thank you Lord for blessing me with another sweet little boy. my cup runeth over!

how SWEET is this face????

i've had such a fun time with connor this week. he's growing up and i love/hate it all at once. yesterday he rolled over onto his belly and today he did it again. in a few days, he'll be doing it all the time i am sure. i've also enjoyed "talking" to connor lately. he's so cute as he gets really serious and tries so hard to shape his mouth and coordinate the sound coming out all at once. i love how babies "talk"! the noises they make are so sweet. i've also accidentally taught him to do this:

yep. i tried to see if he would copy me ONE TIME when i stuck my tongue out and now he does it ALL THE TIME when i get close to his face and talk to him. too funny! i love these special few minutes i get to spend with him every day. i want to tuck them away in a safe place and never forget them!

and tonight, b and i had a blast with parker at bedtime. seriously, i don't think he could get ANY cuter. i recently taught parker how to give "butterfly" kisses and i gave him one tonight and he absolutely loved it! he kept wanting more and it's so cute how he says "butterfly" and "it tickles". parker has SUCH a kind heart and he is really going to make his wife happy one day. i just pray he stays this way. i asked him tonight if he would always let me hug him, give him butterfly kisses and love on him like this and he said "yep" (his new favorite response). i just cherish these moments with him because i know one day they will be gone.

seriously, i am so beyond blessed to have these sweet boys in my life!