Wednesday, November 11, 2009

celebrating 4 months with sweet baby connor!

dear connor,

i feel so incredibly lucky to have such a sweet and healthy baby! you are getting more and more interactive each day and i love it! we have your 4 month appointment next week, so i'll get your stats up then, but here's what you've been up to lately:

~you talk and giggle all the time. i love to listen to you make yourself laugh! i think the sweet little noises you make are the cutest!

~you have this new fascination with my mouth and constantly want to put your fingers in it!

~you like to be held in a football hold which is daddy's favorite!

~everything seems to make you laugh and smile!

~you've rolled over a few times from your back to belly but mommy has put a stop to that by holding you instead of giving you floor time :-) i'm not ready for you to "grow up" yet, but i believe it is inevitable so i envision more rolls to come in this coming month.

~you've started rubbing your eyes when you get tired, so not only do you still cry and/or fuss when you are tired, you now take that little hand of yours and rub your eyes--so cute!

~we tried out the baby einstein bouncer again last night and this time you didn't fall forward and hit your head :-) you loved it as you discovered that if you hit a key on the keyboard, music will play! it was neat to watch because after you got it the first time and then the second time was a success too, you kept doing it over and over!

~you're still a great sleeper at night and you always want to go to be around 6pm but i try and keep you up to 6:45 just because i'm afraid you'll get up before 6 in the morning (you usually sleep until 6:45-7:00 these days). i love how you wake up in the morning and entertain yourself for 20-30 minutes before i come and get you. such a sweet sound to wake up to!

~as for daytime naps, bless your the mornings we are always on the go with preschool, MOPS, target, errands or our new mommy and me group so you basically sleep on the go in little cat naps. the afternoons i try to get you to sleep for a good 2 hours, but lately it's not happening. maybe you are teething? i hope not!!!

 you and parker still LOVE each other!

thank you connor for filling our days with joy!




Brandon said...

Great Post! Love it! Love you!