Tuesday, November 10, 2009

busy busy busy!

so i have a love/hate relationship with being busy. i love to be around people and out doing things, but i also like being a homebody. the thought of putting hte kids to bed, getting in my jammies and turning on the DVR with hubby ALWAYS sounds like a good night to me BUT i do like having close friends to catch up with too. especially now that i have two kids, i find it harder and harder to motivate myself to go out in the evenings which is why i am SO excited about two new groups that i've joined. my "mommy and me" group meets thursday mornings which is perfect since i usually have the most energy first thing and my new meetup group has stuff planned ALL THE TIME, literally. i got to meet some of these fine ladies the other night for a MNI (mom's night in). everyone was so nice and so welcoming, so i'm really looking forward to bunco night in a few weeks!

all that being said, we've been BUSY! last week i had something every single morning and my mother in law came to stay with us for the weekend.

parker got to make shortbread cookies with grandmama---they were SO GOOD:

MOPS this week was AWESOME. we watched a video on "mom anger" by julie barnhill and she is beyond hilarious! it was nice to learn that every mom has had one of those "moments" where we are less than thrilled with our children's behavior and more importantly our reaction to it. julie gave some great tips on how to handle our emotions when faced in those "moments".

and this little girl shrunk down in size with her new hair cut!

and i forgot to mention that brandon came home with a HUGE GINORMOUS bag of wings friday night with plans to invite people over sunday for the game:

too bad the panthers lost :-(
i've also been CRAZY busy sewing inventory for the upcoming christmas bazar at parker's school. they tell me i've got an entire table i need to fill up. i will probably only be able to use about half of it, but hey you've got to start somewhere right? i think i'm most excited because it's given me great motivation to try out some new designs and projects. i just love great fabric and cute designs and i totally overwhelm myself with all the ideas i have running through my head!

ps: could this blog post be any more all over the place?!?! guess that's what happens when you don't blog for a few days and you've got a lot to catch up on.

happy monday!