Saturday, September 12, 2009

connor is 2 months!

dear connor,

yesterday you turned 2 months old! where did my little newborn go??? each day, week, month that goes by at this point is so bittersweet. it's so exciting to see you grow and learn new things each day, but oh how i'll miss your squishy newborn skin, the sweet little cries and grunts you make and your complete dependence on me.......

this past month you've become quite the smiler! you smile all the time and try and "talk" to me. i can see you squealing with delight inside and soon enough you'll be squealing and laughing on the outside too. you are so cute when you entertain yourself in the pac n play playing with your hand or looking at your bears. you are such a sweet little thing. i often call you "sweetness" because you just are! you are a very content and happy baby. you just go with the flow....every once in a while if you are REALLY hungry, you prove to us that you've got quite a set of lungs, but those days are few and far between. some days your daddy and i try and remember if you cried at all the whole day! we just love you so very much and parker loves you too. it's amazing how much he shares everything with you from his toys and sippy cups to his most prized possession his blankie. you have really taken to parker as you always look toward his voice and smile when you see him. i pray that you two will be best friends. you are getting really good at holding your head up for long periods of time and you're doing great sleeping. you started sleeping through the night during week 7 going from 9:30pm to 7:15 am!!! last week you scared us all and caught some virus and fought a high fever for a few days. praise God that it wasn't anything serious like meningitis, but we were definitely worried as you were not yourself. luckily all you had was a fever and when that finally went away you were back to normal! we're also thankful that the reflux has toned down and we were able to stop your meds a week ago.

connor, we love you so very much and feel so blessed to have you in our family. we are so excited to grow with you and look forward to each and every day we spend together!

lots of love,