Thursday, August 13, 2009

so much to catch up on, sooooooo little time......

ummm ok, so i have no idea where to even begin. quick recap with more detailed blog posts to come to get up to speed:

first, i am happy to report that i am no longer preggers :-) connor reid made his appearance at 39 weeks exactly on July 11 and we've been super busy ever since!

the beloved "boot" is gone

we just got back from a great family vacation at Bethany Beach

my house is a mess, i have no idea exactly when we'll actually get unpacked, and i'm exhausted trying to do it all, BUT i love my life!

and baby is now crying so i've got to run, but i promise, more detailed blog posts to come with lots of great pics and just a warning, they'll probably all come at once and you'll be so sick and tired of hearing about me and my crazy life!