Monday, August 31, 2009

parker's first day of preschool

today was parker's first day of preschool! he's going 3 mornings a week at a local church. his teachers miss rhonda and miss cindy are WONDERFUL! i already LOVE them! last week was technically the "first" day for the kids during parent orientation, but since parker woke up with a 102 degree fever that morning, he didn't get to go and meet his teachers, see his room, etc. SO today was officially his first day. we got him all dressed up and daddy spiked his hair, he carried his "pack pack" and off he went! i barely got a kiss goodbye as he found the trucks to be WAY more interesting than me. i managed to escaped without shedding a tear, although there were several times the past few days where i thought i was going to totally breakdown and ball my eyes out. connor and daddy came with us to the big event and as we were leaving, connor wouldn't stop smiling--i guess he knew he was about to get 100% of my attention for once!

when we got home the house was strangely quiet and even though there are many days i would kill for a quiet house, today it was kind of sad and lonely. i didn't really know what to do with myself, but connor helped out with that as he refused to much for mommy time! the next thing i knew it was 11:40 and off we went to pick up little man. when i got there parker wasn't waiting by the door looking for me, instead he had pulled out some toy and was trying to get the other kids to play with him. guess he wasn't too concerned about missing me :-) then when he finally realized i was there, he gave me a big smile and came running to me as my heart totally melted. i got a quick hug but then he was off again to look out the window that looks down into the gym. i went over to try and ask him how his day was and he went on and on about the basketball hoops, pointing out the "letter E!" and everything else in the gym. i guess that was his favorite part.

all in all, his teachers said he did great and i think he'll be excited to go back tomorrow. here are some pics documenting the big day.......enjoy!

some outdoor pics on the front porch since it was raining

connor along for the ride

not having any more pics at home

messin' around with daddy

not having any more pics during the car ride....

headin' to his room with his "pack pack"

checkin' out the gym

playing with trucks in his classroom

me trying to steal one more goodbye kiss