Thursday, October 9, 2008

pitter patter

so today on my afternoon off from work, parker and i hit up the mall, specifically "stride rite" shoe store. parker was just starting to outgrow his size 3 "soos" (shoes), or so i had thought so i figured we'd pick out some new ones for fall. once i picked out a lovely pair of $50 "soos", the sales lady measured his feet. my little munchkin is now apparently a SIZE 6!!! and i've been cramming his poor little tooties into size 3's (with socks i might add) for how long now?!?!??! mom of the year, folks, that's me :-)

so to make myself feel a little better, we continued on with my therapy shopping and went to "Children's Place" where i bought parker some winter gear AND the cutest little pea coat. pics to come when it finally cools down here.

more about the little guy.....parker is "talking" a lot these days. he will have whole conversations and even "performances" with hand gestures etc. i'm pretty sure he thinks he's on stage half the time, i mean the world does revolve around him you know! some of my favorites things he says are "soos" (shoes) and "shooshos" (cheerios). we think it's adorable, but hopefully he'll be able to figure out his "Sh" and "Ch" sounds eventually. parker has also become super loving. he's always been really cuddly, but ever since he's become a true toddler and walking, he just doesn't have the time to cuddle, but lately in the midst of his play, exploration, etc. he'll stop and come over and give me a quick hug and then move on to the next adventure. yes my heart melts each time!